Top 5 Accessories for Iphone 13

Image: Howard Bouchevereau

Every year, Apple releases new models of Iphones, Apple watches, Macbooks and other products. Each new product comes with different upgrades and there are also new accessories that correspond to specific models. There are so many iPhone accessories that we can’t possibly go through them all, so in this blog, I’ll share the top 5 iPhone 13 accessories which are also compatible with other iPhone models.

1- Magsafe wallet

Image: Christian PĂ©rez

Now you don’t have to worry about carrying a wallet in your hands all the time. You can simply attach the Magsafe wallet behind your phone. It is small, compact and convenient for keeping your cash and cards together. Another feature is that it supports Find My so you can also trace your wallet’s last location if it gets separated from your phone. It’s a bit pricey, but it is worthwhile to purchase because it is of high quality and has a strong magnet. In terms of compatibility it goes with all recent iPhones and is available in a variety of colors.

Product Details:

Brand- Apple

Material-  leather

Quality- Great quality of leather and magnet both

Compatible- All Iphone 12 & Iphone 13 models

Colors- Dark cherry, Midnight, Golden brown, Sequoia green, Wisteria 

Type- Wallet

Price- $79

2- Iphone 13 Magsafe Phone case

Image: Mark Chan

Magsafe is a built-in magnet in a leather case that adds style and protection to your phone. Wireless charging is made faster and easier by a magnet hidden inside the leather. Because the leather and silicone case is of high quality, it also protects your phone from scratches.

Products details:

Brand- Apple

Material- leather & silicone

Quality- Good quality of leather

Compatible- Iphone 13 models

Colors- 12 different colors for silicone case, 5 colors for leather case, clear case

Type- Phone case

Special feature-  Magnetic

Price- $79

3 – MagSafe charger

Image: Studio Proper

Magsafe charger has a C type connector and is a magnetic charger. It facilitates and accelerates the charging process. This charger is compatible with a wide range of iPhone models. It works better with the new magsafe leather case, which has a built-in magnet. It is also iQ charging compatible. The base ring of the Magsafe charger is identical to that of the Apple Watch, but you can’t use the same charger as the size of the base ring differs.

Product Details:

Brand- Apple

Connectivity- Magsafe

Compatible- Starting from Iphone 8- Iphone 13 models, airpods pro, airpods wireless

Color- white

Power- 15 W

Special feature- wireless, magnetic, fast charging

Price- $55

4 – Pop socket 

Popsockets are well-known; their primary function is to provide an additional grip for holding the phone. It’s quite popular these days. Pop sockets are available in a variety of designs, and you can also personalize your pop socket with your preferred design and color. For the iPhone 12 Pro, there is a popsocket popcase with magsafe, which combines style and phone safety.

Product details:

Material-  Hard plastic

Color- Comes in many different color and design

Compatibility- Iphone 13 & any phone model

Special feature- Grip 

Price- $69.95

5 – Lightning digital adapter

A Lightning digital adapter is a simple way to connect to a larger screen, such as an app, sideshow, presentation, website, and so on. It has an HDMI slot in the adapter that allows you to see the display, projector, video, and many other compatible displays up to 1080p HD. It is extremely useful and easy to connect on a larger screen with an iPhone. Lastly, it can also be useful for those who do not have a bluetooth option on their television.

Product Details:

Connector Type- HDMI

Brand- Apple

Compatible- Starting from iphone 5 to all the latest model of iphone

Color- White

Price- $65

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