15 Things You Must Pack in Your Carry-On


Traveling is an important part of everybody’s life. People either travel for work, vacation or to visit their families. We all love to travel and want our journey to be safe and comfortable. The most important aspect of traveling is packing your bags, and when you are traveling in flight you need to ensure that you pack according to the TSA rules. In this blog I will highlight 15 important things you must carry in your hand luggage. So let’s get started!

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The first thing you need to check before leaving your house is your passport, this is the most important document you need for your travel. As we all know that a passport is used as an identity proof and to verify if you have the appropriate visa for the country you are traveling to (for international travel). So forget everything, but don’t forget your passport. If you forget your passport, you wouldn’t be allowed to board your flight. Make sure it’s with you all the time so that you don’t misplace it and once you are in the flight keep your passport safely in your hand bag.

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Another important travel document is your ticket. Many people still carry the hard copy of their tickets however it is also important to carry an electronic ticket to be on a safer side. Not only is it convenient to carry an e-ticket but you can also use it in case, you lose your original ticket.

  1. MASK
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In today’s time it has become a necessity to carry a mask everywhere you go. The same rule applies when you are traveling in the plane. Keep 4 to 5 extra masks in your hand luggage, so you can change it frequently in your travel journey. Do not use a filter mask, or else you might be told to use a disposal mask.

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According to the TSA rule you are allowed to carry no more than 100 ml of liquid items in your hand bag. All the items such as sanitizer, lotion, face wash etc need to be of 100ml or less. Carry those items in a clear ziplock bag so it will be easy for you to clear the screening processes. To check out more items that you are not supposed to pack on your carry-on click here

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As mentioned earlier you are not allowed to carry any liquids that exceed 100ml. According to that rule you are not allowed to carry any bottles filled with water in airplanes if they exceed 100 ml which is most likely the case. But what if you get thirsty at the airport? Will you have to buy a bottle every time you get thirsty? That can be a bit costly, to avoid this problem you can carry a collapsible water bottle and refill at the airport and empty it out once you board the plane.

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Carry your extra pair of clothes with you in your hand luggage, so if you miss your connecting flight or if you lose your bags you will have some extra clothes to wear until you get your bags back.

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Always take an extra blanket with you just in case you feel cold. In flight they do provide blankets, but those are usually thin and if you are not comfortable using that blanket you can use your own. So for the safe side keep one blanket in your hand bag. 

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Flights will provide headphones but with poor quality. If you are watching movies or listening to songs you might not enjoy them with flight headphones. Keep your own headphones in your hand luggage, so if you are not comfortable using flight headphones you can use your own headphones. 


An essential thing to carry is your charger. There are many charging ports on the airport which you can use to charge your phone. In case your charger pin doesn’t match the one that’s there at the airport you can charge your phone with your portable charger if you carry one. Don’t stress out if you don’t have one you can also use the cable of your charger in the airplane to charge your phone.

  1. SNACKS:
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You can carry any light snacks of your choice if you feel hungry. This could be any protein bars, gums, chocolates etc. 

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Long flights can be pretty boring but not so if you choose to carry any fun things that might keep you entertained all your flight. This could be anything such as a novel, an activity book, games or magazines.

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Don’t ever forget to take your medication with you while traveling. If you have high blood pressure, asthma, or any health issue you will have to take your medication. In case if you forget to take your medication you might feel uneasy mid flight. I know it is easy to forget when you are busy packing things so I will advise you to keep a reminder in your cell phone, a night before leaving.

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In today’s time in this COVID situation it has become a necessity to carry sanitizing wipes. Make sure you carry sanitizing wipes & clean your seat and all other areas before touching. Wet wipes can be handy when your hands get sticky or dirty or you can also use them to just wipe your face to get refreshed.

  1. PEN
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Pen is also important to carry while traveling, especially during covid, because people will be hesitant to share during these times. There will be some forms that you will have to fill especially during international travel and so having a pen will be helpful. Not only that, but a pen could come handy in any situation so make sure to keep it in your bag

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Make sure to carry your important valuables like jewelry, laptop, watches and other expensive things in your hand bag and place them safely in your bag.