Schezwan Sauce Recipe

Schezwan Sauce is an Indo-Chinese substance which is used to add flavor in food. It has hot and tangy in flavor which is made with dry red chilies, garlic, ketchup, and few more ingredients. You can use this sauce in multiple ways like you can add this sauce while making Chinese gravy, can also served as sauce with dry items, can also use to flavor noodles, rice and many more. In this blog I will share Schezwan Sauce recipe in easy steps.


~ 5 tbsp oil

~ 350g kashmiri whole chili

~ 227g finely chopped garlic

~ 2 tbsp coriander stick

~ Salt ( according to taste )

~ 12 tbsp spoon ketchup

~ 2 tbsp soya sauce

~ 3 tbsp vinegar

~ 1 full lemon


~ Take out the seeds from kashmiri chili, add water and keep it overnight (approx 9 to 10 hour)  

~ Once soaked, drain the water and grind it. 


~ In a pan take Oil (5 tbsp) and add finely chopped garlic (227g). Cook it for about 2-3 min

~ Then add the grinded kashmiri chilli paste followed by Salt, Vinegar (3 tbsp), 

Soya sauce (2 tbsp) and ketchup (12 tbsp).

~ Lastly, add 1 lemon and then cook it for ten minutes 

~ Once cooked you can take it out in a container.

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