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Stickies are a really great tool to jot down quick notes. Macbook has had this feature for a long time. In this blog, I will share some interesting tips on how to customize your Sticky Notes.

How to create a Sticky note:

1) Go to Launchpad and look for the Stickies application

2) Click on it to launch the Sticky Note on the desktop.

3) You can click on File → New Note to add more stickies

Start Launchpad and click on Stickies App

Click on file- New Note to add stickies

How to change the font:

1) Right-click on the sticky note → click on Fonts → Show Fonts

2) Select the Font familyTypeface & Size that you want, and then click ok

Right-click on Sticky- Font- Show Fonts

Select Font family, typeface, size – OK

How to change text color:

1)To edit the color of the text right click on the Stickie Note →Font →Show colors

2) Select Color and choose any color you like.

Right-click on Sticky – Font – Show colors

Choose any text color you like

How to add emojis and special characters:

1) To put emojis and special characters right-click→FontShow Fonts then click on the three dots and select Characters

2) Simply drag and drop any emojis or characters you want to put.

Right-click- Font- Show Font- Dots- Characters

Drag and drop emojis/ characters on Sticky

How to change the color of the Sticky Note:

1) Click on the sticky note

2) Click on the Color Option at the top and select any color you like

Click on Sticky Note – Color ( from upper tab)

How to make the Sticky Note Translucent:

To make the sticky note translucent, click on the sticky note select Windows → Translucent

Click on Sticky – Windows – Translucent

How to arrange multiple Sticky Notes:

By clicking on the Windows → Arrange you can arrange multiple stickies based on date, color, content, and location on the screen

To Arrange, click on Sticky- Windows – Arrange

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