Kheer Recipe (Rice Pudding)

Rice pudding is know as “Kheer ” in India. It is a sweet dish made up with simple ingredients like milk, sugar, creamy and rice. It has creamy texture ,you can also add extra flavor by putting cardamom powder and saffron. In this blog I will share easy and tasty way to make kheer (rice pudding).

Preparation time- 10 min

Cooking time- 1 and half hour

Serves- 4 to 5 people


~320 gram Rice (soak for half n hour)

~2.7 litre Milk

~1/4 spoon cardamom

~ 473 ml cream 35%

~1 tbsp Sugar


~ In a pan add milk and cardamom. Bring it to boil and then add the soaked rice and sugar, after 1 minutes add the cream and cook it on a medium flame. Keep stirring every 5 minutes until the rice gets cooked properly and the gets diluted. Add more milk if needed.


~ Sliced almonds & Cashews

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