Kesar Kulfi Recipe

Image- Prachi Palwe

Kesar Kulfi is traditionally frozen Indian summer desert which is very easy to make and tasty to eat. It is also famous in neighboring country as well. It’s texture is same as normal ice-cream, and it is made with simple ingredients like cream , sweetened condensed milk, sugar, Kesar, heavy cream and many more. In this blog I will share how to make Kesar Kulfi in simple steps.


~ 12 oz Evaporated milk (Can get it in Walmart)

~ 14 oz Sweetened condensed milk

~ 16 oz Heavy whipping cream

~ 1 pinch kesar (saffron) 

~ 1 tbsp sugar 

~ 16 oz cool whip 

~ 4 tbsp of water

~ 2 tbsp of crushed pistachios 


~  In a bowl take out sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, heavy whipping cream and cool whip and then blend it with a hand mixer 

~ Then make a solution by adding saffron and sugar in 4 tbsp of water 

~ Add this solution and crushed pistachios to the blended creams and mix it well

~ Take out the prepared mixture in a container and freeze it for 6-8 hours or overnight.

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