How to Easily Move Your Website from to

Before I show you how to transfer data and content from to you will have to know the difference between both the version if you want to start blogging. WordPress is a wonderful option because it is free and simple to set up and operate. When building a wordpress website, most users sign up under without realizing that wordpress has two versions: and, and both are entirely different. When they learn the advantages of the other version of WordPress, namely, they desire to build their website on But let me tell you something: when I initially started my blog, I made the same error. I built my website on before realizing the benefits of, but the good news is that you can quickly move all of your content and data to without having to rewrite it. In this blog, I will share some pros and cons of different versions of wordpress and show you how to migrate data from to –’s wordpress software allows you to create and manage websites. Building and managing your website is free, but only for a short time. includes everything you need to get started with your website; all you have to do is build it and start uploading content. However, if you want to install additional plugins, you must upgrade your plan; the higher your plan, the more plugins you receive. There are four plans available: personal, premium, business, and ecommerce. If you only blog for fun and do not want to spend money, then you may keep uploading content with the free version, but if you want to monetize your website and generate money, you’ll need to switch to a higher plan. has certain advantages and disadvantages.


  • You can setup your website within 5 minutes
  • Good for personal blogging
  • Free and easy to use and manage
  • No worry for backup and updates
  • Free theme
  • Upto 3GB free storage


  • You don’t have full control on your website
  • Will have to upgrade for plugins
  • Not allowed to place ads on free version
  • You will have to upgrade to higher plan to monetize your website
  • Free has has limited custom theme
  • Cannot add your website to google console and SEO plugin with free plan
  • With free plan plan you will get subdomain name for custom domain name you will have to upgrade your plan
  • You will have to follow rules and regulations, if you break the rules you can lose your website
  • Not able to create eCommerce store

WordPress.Org is a piece of software that requires you to develop and administer your own website. It is a CMS (content management system) where you are in charge of backups, updates, and plugin installation. The good thing about is that it is free and anyone can use it; all you have to do is install free plugins and you can do anything with it; all you have to do is buy a custom domain name. You may build your website in whatever way you like, as long as you have some basic technical knowledge. has certain advantages and disadvantages.


  • You have flexibility and full control on your website
  • It is a free and open source that anyone can use it
  • You can use Google analytic tool
  • Install all the plugins and tools  for free
  • You can place ad on your site and earn money without sharing revenue with anyone
  • You can use unlimited  customized themes for  your website
  •  Easy to monetize
  • You can create your own online store
  • You can use free SEO tools
  • You and use free and premium theme
  • Perfect for bloggers who are serious in blogging and want to earn money


  • Will have to build and manage website by yourself
  • You will be responsible for updates and backups
  • You will have to by your own domain name
  • You will have to know some technical knowledge

Now I will show you step by step how to transfer data and content from to Let’s get started:

First you will have to create an account from hostinger and buy a custom domain name. Once you are done creating a website and buying domain name you will have to download wordpress website from hostinger. Once wordpress is downloaded then you will have  to import your content from to 

Step 1: Exporting all your data

The very first step is to export all your data, to do that click on the left hand column in your site and then click on Tools < Export 

Tools -> Export

Step 2: Downloading the data

After step 1 click on the Export all option, this will download your entire website in a zip file, make sure to unzip your file and extract all its contents

If your file is large and you are not able to export the entire website you can import one post at a time. To export post by post simply click on the arrow next to the Export all option and from there select the Posts option and download it. Once the file is downloaded make sure that you unzip it in the folder and extract it’s contents

Step 3: Importing content to

Log in to your account and click on the left hand menu. Select Tools < Import.

Then on the right hand side scroll down to the bottom till you see the WordPress option then click on the install now option. 

The wordpress will now install the wordpress importer. Once it’s done click on the run importer option. 

Step 4: Uploading the content

Once you click the run importer option it will take you to a page which will ask you to import the content that you downloaded in Step 1. Click on Choose file then Upload file and import.

Step 5: Assigning user

After you upload the file you will have an option to either assign the imported content to a new user or an existing user and you can choose either one of the options. Also make sure to check mark the “download and import file attachments” option so that all your images get imported. Then click on the Submit option to finish off with importing your website.

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