How To Create Web Page Using HTML-

HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language) is a code that can be used to make a webpage. This coding language consists of the elements tags & attributes. Tag tells us about where the document begins & ends and an attribute tells us about the characteristic of an element. In this blog I will share with you how you can use HTML to make your own webpage with 8 simple steps. 

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Step 1: Adding the HTML tag

The first thing you need to do is open you Notepad or any text editor (I am using VS code). Then start by adding the html opening and closing tag. This is important as it tells the web browser that the document is an HTML file.

Tag: <html> </html>

Step 2: Adding the head tag

Head tag is placed between the html & title tag. It is the container for metadata. Metadata is the data about HTML documents but is usually not displayed.

Tag: <head> </head>

Step 3: Adding the title tag

The title tag names the document’s title which is shown in the browser’s title bar. You can choose whichever title name you want to put and insert it between the title opening & closing tag.

Tag: <title> Title Name </title>

Step 4: Adding title in your Webpage

Body tag is the main tag of HTML it defines the main content of your body. H1 tag defines the font size of your text with H1 being the largest. It’s up to you if you want to add the H1 tag to make your font look bigger.

 Tag: <body> </body>

Step 5: Adding paragraphs 

The “p” tag defines paragraphs in your document whereas the “br” tag breaks the line and adds content to the next line. If you want to add more paragraphs you can simply add more <p> tags.

Notice how I added br tags in between to move the sentence on the next line instead of making it an entirely different paragraph.

Tag: <p> </p> <br> </br>

Step 6: Adding images 

You can use the “img src” tag to add images on your webpage. The <img> tag creates a space for the specified image and the <src> tag specifies the path to the image. The tag for the image is <img src=”folder & file name”. Between the opening & closing bracket you add the file and folder name. For instance the name of my folder where the image was stored was “extrass” and the file name was “view”

So I will use this tag <img src=”extrass/view.jpg>

Step 7: Adjusting the size of image 

You can adjust the size of your image you can define the “width” and “height” in your image tag itself. This is how it should look:

<img src=”extrass/view.jpg> width=”300” height=”150”/>

Step 8: Saving your file

Once you are done with entering all the codes click on Save as and save your document as .html. For instance if I want to name my document blogqueen so I would save it as blogqueen.html


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