How to Add Text & Change Colours of Mac Folder Icons

  1. Right click on the Folder → Get info
  2. Click on the small folder icon at the upper left hand corner and press Command + C or click on Edit in the upper menu bar and select Copy
  3. Then press Command and Spacebar to open Preview 
  4. Click on File at the top menu bar and select New from Clipboard
  5. Click on the small pen icon at the right hand corner to edit the image
  6. Click on the option Adjust Colour which is right next to the Signature option and from there you can adjust the tint of the folder icon.
  7. You can also add custom text by adding a Textbox and selecting different Font Face, Font size and Text color
  8. Additionally, to add Emoji click on the Text box and then hold down Command + Control + Spacebar. Then select any emoji you want to put 
  9. Select the image by clicking on the Dotted square on the upper left side.
  10. Click Edit from top menu bar → Copy
  11. Right click on the folder → Get Info Edit Paste

Click on this video to see a quick tutorial on this:

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