How To Add Emojis in HTML

We frequently use emojis in our day to day text conversations. Emoticons also known as “emojis” are characters from the UTF-8 Unicode set. UTF-8 Unicode set comprises all the possible symbols and characters. In this blog I will show you how you can add emojis to your website using HTML.

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Step 1: Adding the meta tag

The meta tag helps to identify the character set used on the website.

Tag type- <meta charset=”UTF-8”>

Step 2: Adding the title (optional)

You can give heading to the page using the h1 tag as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 3: Adding the tag for emojis

In HTML different emojis can be used by using different sets of numbers. Each set of numbers represents a different emoji. Below I have added codes for three different emojis.

Step 4: Resizing the emojis

You can also resize the emojis by just changing the font size. The following screenshot shows how to resize the emoji.



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