Chicken Manchow Soup Recipe

Serves: 4-5 people

Chicken Manchow soup is an indo chinese dish and it’s easy and quick to make. This hot and spicy soup is made from 12 ingredients. It’s good to drink during chilly winters or when you crave for something hot and spicy. If you want to make it healthier, avoid using corn flour. You will love it when you pour hot soup in a bowl and savour it.


~ 80.7 grams chopped Chicken (medium cube sized)

~ 1 litre water ( for boiling chicken)

~ 1 litre  additional water for making soup

~ 3- 4 finely chopped garlic

~ 2.3 grams finely chopped ginger

~ 4- 5 finely chopped green chillies

~ 2 tbsp oil

~ 1 chopped onion

~ 1 small carrot (finely chopped)

~ 4-5 green peas

~ Salt according to your taste

~ 1/4 tbsp black pepper

~ 4 tbsp soya sauce

~ 1.5 tbsp corn flour ( mix with water 4 tbsp spoon water)

~ 2 tbsp chopped coriander

~ 1 lemon


~ In a pan add 1 litre of water and chopped chicken, then let it boil

~ Once the chicken gets boiled strain the water and take out the chicken in a plate and then shred it 

~ Keep the strained water aside for later use.


~ Take oil in a saucepan and add onion, saute until it becomes transparent

~ Then add garlic, ginger, green chilies, green peas, carrot, black pepper and salt.

~ Then add soya sauce, leftover water from the boiled chicken and another 1 litre of water (total 2 litres of water)

~  Bring the water to boil and then add corn flour mixed with water, stir until it becomes thick.

~ Lastly, add juice of 1 full lemon and shredded chicken. Mix everything well.

~ Add coriander for garnishing.

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