9 Best Hotels To Stay In Jamaica

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Planning to travel to Jamaica? But don’t know where to stay? Don’t worry, I have got you covered. Whenever traveling, we always look for the best hotels and accommodation to have a comfortable and relaxing trip. However, sometimes it might be confusing to choose hotels according to your budget. But don’t worry, in this blog I will share with you the best hotels to stay in Jamaica, some of which are even budget-friendly.

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1- Hotel Riu Palace Jamaica:

Image: Staicy Androose

In Montego Bay this hotel is located in Mahoe Bay, Rose Hall. It provides an all-inclusive package with some special discounts. Additionally, it is only 8 kilometers away from Rose Hall. You must be wondering what Rose Hall is? In Montego Bay, Rose Hall is a well-known historic house museum and a tourist place which you must visit. The Whitter Village Shopping Mall is also one of the many destinations that is near to this hotel and it just takes 8 minutes to walk there.    

Hotel Riu Palace Jamaica is a fantastic spot for vacation as it has a variety of activities which you can participate in such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and nightclubs. This hotel also has excellent customer service and other amenities such as free wifi in public areas, free gym, and rooms that are well-equipped with air conditioning, a coffee maker, and a modern flat-screen television.

Review– 4.5

Price– starting $ 536 per night

2- Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach:

Image: Edvin Johansson

 Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach is located at 2 Gloucester Avenue in Montego Bay, Jamaica.This hotel also offers an all- inclusive package with some special discounts. It also offers a beachfront where you can relax and enjoy the beach view without leaving the hotel. This resort has 146 rooms and all rooms have a sea view. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, a flat-screen television, a decent sized bathroom, and other amenities.

This hotel is 2 km away from Sangster international airport and they also have shops and restaurants at a 14 minute walking distance. This will provide you with a variety of options for shopping.

Review- 4.1

Price- starting $304 per night

 3- Toby’s Resort: 

Image: The Anam

This hotel is located on 1 Kent Avenue in Montego Bay. It is budget-friendly which also has many amenities. Cornwall Beach is only a three-minute walk away from this hotel and you also get a discounted entry to thisl beach. The rooms are beautifully designed and include amenities such as air conditioning, a coffee maker, and cable television. They also have a variety of other amenities such as 2 pools, restaurants, bars and spa.

Review- 3.8

Price- starting $ 118


1-  The Cliff Hotel:

Image: Anders Wideskott

This hotel is located at W End Rd, Negril, Jamaica, with a beautiful view of the Caribbean sea and it also offers an all-inclusive package. Negril lighthouse is only 10 minute walking distance from this hotel. 

 This hotel has free wifi, airport shuttle, salons, restaurants and bars. There are also many water activities available on site which include snorkeling, diving, fishing and many more. Their rooms are beautifully designed, and each has a balcony with a stunning view. It also has a flat-screen television, air conditioning, a minifridge, and a coffee maker in the room.

Review- 4.6

Price- starting $405 per night for Junior suite 1 king 

2- Hotel Riu Negril:

Image: Ibrahim Boran

This hotel is located on Norman Manley Boulevard in Negril, Jamaica. It also provides an all-inclusive option. The downtown in Negril is just 11 kilometers away from the hotel and the cool running water park is just 3.5 kilometers away which makes it very convenient for traveling. 

 The rooms are beautifully designed and have a balcony with a stunning view. Room amenities include free wifi, modern flat screen tv, coffee maker, air conditioning. There are numerous activities available within the hotel, such as golf, water skiing, scuba, night club and many more. Lastly, they also provide free breakfast and have a restaurant within the hotel where you can spend your evening having some good dinner.

Review- 4.1

Price- starting $258 per night          

3- Legend Beach Hotel:

Image: Jad Limcaco

 It is a 3 star hotel located on Norman manley boulevard, A1, Negril, Jamaica. This hotel also provides an all inclusive option. They have upgraded rooms with a sea view from the balcony, they also include flat screen tv and  free wifi in the room. There is good access to the beach which is 7 miles away from this hotel. It is a nice budget friendly hotel to stay in.

Review- 3.7

Price- $119 per night


1-Moon Palace Jamaica:

Image: Obi – @pixel6propix

This hotel is located at Main St, Ocho Rios, Jamaica  with a beautiful beach view. It also provides an all- inclusive option. Dolphin cove Jamaica is 3 km away and Konoko fall is 2 km away which makes it very convenient for visiting tourist places. 

 Rooms have stunning interior design with an amazing balcony view. Room amenities include free wifi, coffee maker, flat screen tv. They also have a club room which comes with candlelight dinner. There are numerous activities available within the hotel, such as snorkeling, scuba, and game rooms; they have an outdoor pool, hot tub and indoor pool . Lastly they also provide free breakfast, bar, restaurant within the hotel where you can spend your evening having some dinner. 

Review- 4.4

Price- Starting $ 446 per night 

2. Hotel Riu Ocho Rios

Image: Nick Fewings

This hotel is located in Mammee Bay Ocho Rios and is near the beachfront. It provides 24 hour all inclusive service and has rooms equipped with air conditioning, mini bar, satellite TV, and many other facilities for your maximum comfort. The best thing about this hotel is that it has 5 pools each with sun loungers and umbrellas. Not only that but an area on the beach is reserved specially for the hotel guests. In terms of cuisine this hotel offers buffets, live cooking stations and theme restaurants with Asian and Italian dishes. There are also swim-up bars where you can enjoy your favorite drink as you bathe. Lastly, it includes a spa with sauna and relaxing pool making it a perfect place for a relaxing vacation.

Review- 4.1

Price- Starting with $186 per night

3- Kaz-Kreol beach lodge 

Image: Kenrick Baksh

Kaz- Kreol Beach lodge is located in White River Bay, Ocho Rios. It is a beachfront hotel next to the golf course. White river reggae park is 0.4 km away and turtle beach 3.9 km away from this hotel which is very convenient for visiting those places. Their rooms are beautifully designed with a nice balcony. Room amenities include flat screen tv, free wifi, coffee maker and mini fridge. Lastly they also provide free breakfast, bar and restaurant within the hotel. 

Review- 3.5

Price-Starting $ 90 per night

Note: The pictures used above are not representative of the hotels mentioned in the blog. Please visit the hotel’s website for more information.

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